[Baypiggies] Voting for a new name

Deirdre Saoirse Moen deirdre at deirdre.net
Wed Apr 12 19:42:13 CEST 2006

On Apr 12, 2006, at 10:21 AM, Kael Fischer wrote:

> 'Piggie' seems much closer to 'piggy'(n) which is most often used to
> refer to toes, frequently the cute toes of a child.  When referring to
> swine, 'piggy' is the small  new-born type and not associated with
> typical 'pig' insults.  For instance, I grew up in the 60s and 70s in
> Berkeley, but I have never heard anyone called a 'male chauvinist
> piggy."

Honestly, BayPIGgies has a silly name because Python was named for  
something silly. Also, I'd previously been involved in FIGs (Forth  
Interest Groups) and the name was modeled upon that.

I can't recall anyone ever saying anything as lame as talking about  
how FIG is a silly name and, you know, fig leaves go over genitals in  
classic paintings, therefore it's unprofessional. No, they actually  
had lives and spent their time, you know, writing code.

If you're worried about membership in a professional organization,  
let me be the first to say that BayPIGgies was never intended as a  
professional organization: there weren't dues, there weren't $1000+  
conferences, there were just people who happened to be interested in  
Python. It was not organized as a group of people interested in a  
name change for a group about Python.

If the name change is a passionate issue for any of you, I suggest  
that you may wish to examine what your life is about. At length.

(My view on this issue would be the same whether I'd started the  
group or not, fwiw.)

> I see that, for you, this name issue is central to other issues you
> have with the group.  But to say that the name "certainly must"
> contribute to those problems is quite speculative.

Name really has nothing to do with any issues that may exist. The  
issues that have been aired recently occur in every group  
(eventually), no matter how cool (or uncool) the name.

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