[Baypiggies] Voting for a new name

Jon Rosen jon at coral8.com
Thu Apr 13 02:06:39 CEST 2006

I haven't posted much to this group, but this thread motivated me to do 
so.  I have been using Python for about a year, and I have attended 
three user group meetings.  I think the name issue is a red herring. The 
problems I have had with the meetings are the relative disorganization 
that has struck me as not very useful for a newcomer. 

The scheduled talks at the meetings I attended were more or less 
content-free (although there was an impromptu talk that was given at the 
Google meeting several months back on eggs and easy_install that was 
superb and well worth attending despite all the other issues I had with 
the meeting).  Things that are relatively common at other user groups 
(like introductions of new attendees, introductions of the "organizers" 
and "important people" like Guido, open discussion Q&A, active "birds of 
a feather" groups, etc.) are completely absent at least at the meetings 
I have attended.  I think that responsibility lies with the organizers. 
I understand the current organizers may have outside issues, and if that 
is the case, maybe there needs to be an infusion of new blood.  

I voted to keep the name as is.  I do hope the format of the meetings 
and structure of the group becomes, not necessarily more "professional" 
but certainly more "organized".


Chad Harrington wrote:

>As the (only?) VP of Marketing in the group, I have to say I hate the name 
>BayPIGgies.  I support voting for a new name.  I also support creating a 
>formalized structure for the group.
>Chad Harrington
>harrington_chad at hotmail.com

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