[Baypiggies] Let's vote and move on!

Robert Stephenson rstephe at sun.science.wayne.edu
Thu Apr 13 07:41:52 CEST 2006

As an long-time lurker and part-time meeting attendee, I think the  
big issues confronting BayPIGgies (or Silicon Valley-San Francisco  
Bay Area Python Users Group, or whatever...) are continuity and  
organization.  With all this local talent it would be a shame to see  
the group fall apart.  Many of us spend an hour or two driving to the  
meetings for the stimulation and fellowship that they have provided,  
and that we hope they will continue to provide.

The name change issue risks becoming a major distraction at a  
critical time.  Some folks obviously feel strongly about the name, so  
let's decide and get over it.  The voting guidelines Aahz has  
proposed sound reasonable to me:

ChangeNameToX = (1/3 of list members voting) & (2/3 of votes favor  
change) & \
		(1/2 of votes favor name X)

Marilyn has provided a mechanism for voting (at http:// 
jacq.istos.com.au/python/), so let's see if we meet the first two  
tests.  If so, we can proceed to discuss alternatives.

Let's just vote and move on:  http://jacq.istos.com.au/python/
- Rob

On Apr 12, 2006, at 4:01 PM, Aahz wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 12, 2006, Terry Carroll wrote:
>> I disagree that a name change should require 2/3 of all members,  
>> which
>> effectively means that not voting is the same as voting "no."  Not
>> voting is the same as not voting.  It indicates not caring; it does
>> not indicate a preference for no change.
> Note carefully that the metric I proposed was different:
> * 1/3 of list members voting
> * 2/3 majority of voters preferring name change
> * minimum 1/2 of all voters approving the new name
> This was in opposition to the claim that it was appropriate for 10% of
> the group to choose a new name.  That is not acceptable IMO.  IOW, if
> there aren't a third of the group who care enough, we don't  
> change.  If
> the people voting can't muster a 2/3 majority in favor of a new  
> name, we
> don't change.  And if there isn't a single name that's popular  
> among at
> least half the voters, we don't change.
> Chag sameach!
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