[Baypiggies] Voting for a new name

Willy Lee willy.lee at page44.com
Thu Apr 13 17:21:52 CEST 2006

Marilyn Davis wrote:
> It's true that my department director cringed and became dismissive of
> me after I told him I was giving a talk at baypiggies, even after I
> said what it was, but that's not my big issue.  I can certainly
> remember to say the whole name next time.
> After much thought, I realize that the deeper problem I have with the
> name is that it is degrading, self-defeating, and impolite.  

I have real difficulty understanding this point of view -- how can
someone "cringe" or become dismissive of someone for giving a talk at a
group just because it's called "baypiggies"?  How can the name be
thought of as degrading or impolite?  I even have trouble understanding
how it can be thought of as "unprofessional".  To me, as others have
said, it's a standard acronym for interest groups, with a fairly common
(according to wiki.python.org) cute locution.  A nickname, as it were.

For a language named after a comedy troupe that shares the name of an
animal (a snake, which seems to me just as many people have bad feelings
about as pigs), it seems appropriate to me and not at all unprofessional
or degrading to have an associated group name that sounds like another
animal.  And again, as already mentioned, you can always use the long name.

I voted no on the poll and I do hope this discussion about the name goes
away, I find it nonsensical.  Please, let's talk about Python, our
Interests in, rather than pigs; let them get their own language.

Going back to lurking,


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