[Baypiggies] Mapping/Random Access at tonight's meeting

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Thu Apr 13 20:37:50 CEST 2006

At tonight's meeting, the agendas distributed on this mailing list propose 
a mapping/random access session starting at 8:30 as an upgrade for our 
current "announcements".

During mapping, audience members would stand and describe brief pointers to 
interesting information such as

	new programming frameworks and tools
	job openings
	new books
	meetings and upcoming events

Brevity is the spoken length of a Google Ad, a classified listing, or about 
30 seconds.  What is said consists of "headlines", not the articles 
themselves.  Discussion and elaboration are discouraged during 
mapping.  The purpose of mapping is to allow everyone to know who has 
interesting information.

At the conclusion of mapping, random access commences.  Most people end up 
leaving their seats and end up talking with whomever interests them 
(including the speaker for the evening).  Random access is a good time to 
personally convey any handouts which were brought.  Insofar as there is no 
official "janitor" office, anyone bringing handouts, please take 
responsibility to remove any not taken away by audience.

I am looking for comments here in advance so there is a meeting of the 
minds going in.

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