[Baypiggies] Voting for a new name

Terry Carroll carroll at tjc.com
Thu Apr 13 23:07:07 CEST 2006

On Thu, 13 Apr 2006, Deirdre Saoirse Moen wrote:

> The big issue, as you've stated, appears to be that you're taking out  
> your inability to communicate with your boss on a large group of  
> people who have no such issue.

No.  The issue is some people really don't like the name, and are trying 
to determine whether that opinion is largely shared, and if so, what do do 
about it.

You're adding a layer of interpretation that can't fairly be ascribed to
the people you're responding to.

If most people want the name to stay the same, it ought to stay the same.  
But I'm finding many of the posts from those who want the name to stay the 
same to be rather disrespectful and distasteful, to tell you the truth.  

I've seen comments that those who would like a name-change have an 
"inability to communicate"; or need to examine their life; or have 
"contextual blindness"; and others.

It would be very nice if we could just continue with getting the opinion 
on whether the name should be changed without this level of disrespect for 
one another and for one another's positions and opinions.

If you think the name should remain the same, great.  If you think the 
name should be changed, great.  Make your point.  Let's not try to 
attribute someone else's opinions to some underlying motiviation that you 
think makes them a lesser person, okay?

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