[Baypiggies] Voting for a new name

Danny Yoo dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Apr 13 23:51:24 CEST 2006

>> But I'm finding many of the posts from those who want the name to stay 
>> the same to be rather disrespectful and distasteful, to tell you the 
>> truth.
> Personally, I'm finding the reasons people want to change the name, 
> well, peculiar. I mean, I could understand just not liking the name, but 
> people have been painting much broader brushes that seemed disrespectful 
> and illogical. Illogic tastes bad.

Hi Deirdre,

Yeah, but humans are not necessarily logical, nor should we always mandate 
that they always are.  And asking people to explain their gut feelings can 
be an onerous task.  As an example of this, I'd recommend a listen to 
Malcolm Gladwell's talk on human nature:


The part that's especially relevant here is his colorful example of the 
preference of wall-posters experiment.

I think the point that we should take from all of this is: some people 
don't like certain names.  I like it, but I can understand that other 
people may not: for the most part, it's a matter of preference.  People 
may not be able to vocalize their reasons for their preferences.

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