[Baypiggies] Some organizational tips

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 14 02:05:17 CEST 2006

Thanks Brian, Walter's email is great, I have been suggesting there
are extra responsibilities with the current BayPIGgies setup:

- website maintainers and program manager: the last two months' proceedings
showed that we need to decide, clarify and confirm the agenda then publicise 
it, all by a certain deadline for a meeting. In particular each agenda item 
should have an owner: "Speakers: various" is a lethally ambiguous phrase and 
should never ever again appear.
- book review coordinator (currently Tony Capp)
- snacks coordinator (Ironport nights) (RSVPs, ordering, delivery, $$, 
tableware)  (currently noone)
- snacks coordinator (Google nights) (RSVPs, ordering, delivery, $$, 
tableware)  (Donna Snow has volunteered, maybe need helpers)
- restaurant coordinator (currently Brian Mahoney at both locations)
- logistics (Ironport nights)
- logistics (Google nights)
where "logistics" means microphones (/radio mics for Q&A), VGA 
cabling/multiplexer box,
projector, laser pointer. Logistics is minimal workload but boy you notice 
when it's missing.
At Google we need to make a concerted effort in the lobby to get people to 
sign in quickly
so we can start on time at 8:30.
Wes's email tips were useful. Also most people aren't aware the next person 
sign in while the current person's label is printing.


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