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Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 15 10:05:10 CEST 2006

- Marilyn, Are you targeting the IDE demos for Ironport June 8 meeting?

>From: Marilyn Davis <marilyn at deliberate.com> + Tony C
>So the IDE show is up to 3->4 solid demos!
plain old emacs -> Marilyn, plain old vi (+ctags) -> JJ & Keith
Wing IDE -> Mike C, PythonWin -> TonyC

- As a sneak peek at the survey so far, to help you identify the popular 
IDEs, below are the results based on 37 responses:
- interest in the IDE topic scored broadly enough:
"Very interested" 2.69/4.0 with Basic users, 2.68 with Advanced,  
"Interested" 2.40 with Experts.
- ~50% of people use common text editors (emacs, vim etc.)
- 17% are in search of an IDE (me included)
- volunteers needed to deomnstrate IDLE and PyDev, they're popular!
- IDLE, PyDev, SPE are more popular with people rating their Python 
proficiency as Basic.
- I guess people's preferences depend on criteria like how important 
cross-platform portability is, whether you need other language support, 
whether you do GUIs and which one, revision control (... a feature matrix 
would be neat).

Q #11. (Optional) What is your preferred IDE?
Response					 Percent Response Total
emacs							31.4%	11
vi/vim/gvim (+ ctags)				14.3%	5
Haven't found a preferred one yet		17.1%

IDLE						11.4%	4
PyDev (Eclipse)				11.4%	4
Wing IDE				11.4%	4

SPE						5.7%	2
Blackadder				2.9%	1
Komodo					2.9%	1
Scite						2.9%	1

ActivateState	 	0%	0
Boa Constructor	 	0%	0
JEdit	 	0%	0

Other (please list below)		20%	7
- Mac OS X TextMate
- Mac OSX: Textmate / Windows: Notepad++
- Gedit
- combination of kedit, kdevelop with ipython
- I switch (often on the fly) between scite and vim. I've used SPE a little 
bit but I mostly only use it as a wrapper around winpdb. I think I could 
like SPE for editing. I tend to use XRCed for GUI design, I find Boa 
Constructor's GUI designer a little primitive (not that XRCed is that much 
- PyWin32
- ipython
- I don't use an IDE. It is not a matter of not having found one.
- I tend to use ultra edit but am experimenting with PyDev per a friends 
- text editor + terminal

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