[Baypiggies] Django Palo Alto meetup / Bay Piggies talk

Aahz aahz at pythoncraft.com
Sun Apr 16 01:51:23 CEST 2006

On Sat, Apr 15, 2006, Shannon -jj Behrens wrote:
> I know that it's possibly short notice, but Jacob Kaplan-Moss, one of
> the lead developers of Django, is going to be in town around the 27th.
> I'd like to propose a not-regularly-scheduled BayPiggies meeting for
> Thursday the 27th at IronPort to allow Jacob to give a talk on Django.
> Wesley and Aahz, is that acceptable?

It's not up to me.  As long as someone else is setting up the meeting
and providing a space, I'll make sure the announcement goes out.  Given
how tight the timing is, I suggest you just go ahead and triple-confirm,
then Make It So.

If special meetings become regular occurrences, I may express concern
about splitting the energy of the group, but I think having one of the
primary Django developers certainly counts as a good reason!

(Unfortunately, I already have other plans for the 27th, so it's unlikely
that I'll make it, but I don't expect the world to revolve around me.  ;-)
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