[Baypiggies] Publicity?

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 16 01:52:02 CEST 2006

Maybe it helps to clarify, I think most people are talking about mainly b) 
not a) below:

a) Publicizing the group, in general
- I agree this is already fairly well-covered. (Website could add more 
content, links etc., add calendaring format etc. There is no "community 
space" for individual people currently, also there are no links to local 
Pythonic companies, or other related groups, or other PyUGs in the US)

b) Publicizing the individual meetings (i.e. 
- gotta do this in a timely way. I see no reason the agenda cannot be set in 
stone 2wks before meeting. We should set a target and consistently hit it.
- cross-announcing to relevant groups (which groups are relevant varies 
greatly depending on what the topic and level is)
- currently this is suffering due to there being no process (e.g. one 
Program Manager?) to propose, decide on and formalize the agenda (viz.: last 
week's 3 agendas on website, which bore little resemblance to the consensus 
on the list). Whether we want to go so far as having elected annual officer 
positions, opinions differ - I came to last week's meeting largely to feel 
the group's pulse on these issues. The general consensus seems to be as long 
as we have some sort of a process that gets results, noone is too picky.
- hiring a webmaster etc. are all secondary to solving or defining some sort 
of process. Let's table those.

My suggestions on our (unstated) goals:
>1) Serve as a learning and information exchange forum
I would add 'and networking'
>2) Promote the local (an global) Python economy
'economy' may be a loaded word, I would say "user and developer community"
and add: 3) Promote learning and proliferation of Python

Over to all you 328 other people?
Do you want to resolve this at May meeting for 60min? Or prefer Dennis's 


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