[Baypiggies] Plone demo and snacks for Google nights

Donna Snow donnamsnow at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 06:15:56 CEST 2006


It's been a busy Easter day at my house..six kids and lots of plastic
eggs to fill with candy.. *hop,hop*.

Now that all children are in bed.. mildly moaning from eating one more
jellybean than they shoulda.. I'll respond to a couple of questions
posed today.

I'd like to get some feedback..(offlist)..that I can compile and bring
back to the list on the best way to handle snacks.. if one goes to
have dinner at restaurant Brian has made arrangements with..what will
they want when they arrive at the meeting? Just a drink and/or cookies
or fruit? What if they are driving straight to meeting from work..
something more substantial? Would someone(s) be willing to help with
the refreshments by picking up water, soda, juice,ice...and making
sure it got to the meeting OR dropping it off at my house and I'll
bring it.

Not everyone can attend every meeting.. granted.. so do we collect
prior to meeting or at meeting.. what if they don't have any
change/money with them? I don't really want to be a snack nazi.. too
much of a pushover to succeed at that much.. SO.. what do you guys

please email me offlist and I'll gather responses on "snack" issues
and post on list..

We need a system that won't disrupt the meeting but keeps the snacks
flowing... for each subsequent meeting..

Also on Plone demo.. more than willing to do that.. just let me know
when and I'll prepare.
I can only attend Google meetings though so it should be a Google
meeting month.

Donna M. Snow
C Squared Technologies

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