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Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Mon Apr 17 06:59:41 CEST 2006

At 07:35 PM 4/16/2006, Marilyn Davis wrote:

>*We* get 75 minutes.

70 minutes at Google.  Mapping/Random Access is scheduled for 5 minutes 
longer at Google than IronPort to account for the expected larger 
audience.  Yes, while the plural "you" as all speakers combined is also 
true as you note, I was reckoning that someone needs to keep track of time 
of the topic discussions during the meeting and ultimately that is the 
singular "you" as meeting organizer.

>July, Google, if no one objects.
>How does it happen at Google?  Do I need to help there?

You and Neil need to be in contact for A-V (audio-visual equipment) and 
room setup.  I currently understand as details for this meeting

    Date                     Thur, July 14
    Location                 Google (contact: Neil)
    Working Topic Title      IDE Comparison
    Topic Organizer          Marilyn
    Topic URL
    Mapping/Random Access    Dennis
    Refreshments      Donna
    Dinner                   Brian
    Posting (site+c.l.p..)   Aahz

>What I don't understand is, who is doing the web page?  I hope (we all 
>hope) that I am not.

I envision that the meeting organizer/speaker would like to have a web page 
on their own servers.  The decision maker is the individual 
organizer/speaker.  If such web page exists, I am volunteering to track the 
URL here in postings.  The advantage of speaker/organizer web page is the 
individuals directly involved in the technical program can post 
changes/updates and even slides after the talk directly.  Fwiw, the 
copyright status of this posting is unambiguous: it resides with the poster 
on their own server unless there is explicit alternative statement.

In parallel, one can imagine posting of a web page on the BayPiggies web 
server, along the Stanford model.  Aahz is the authority here.

I gather we have not had a web page describing the talk for some 
while.  IMO, this is least desirable but all four logical outcomes of 
outside vs. BayPiggies and yes/no web page can work.

To answer your question directly: I think "who/whether" is joint decision 
between you and Aahz.

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