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Marilyn Davis marilyn at deliberate.com
Mon Apr 17 18:07:12 CEST 2006

On Sun, 16 Apr 2006, Dennis Reinhardt wrote:

> At 07:35 PM 4/16/2006, Marilyn Davis wrote:
> >*We* get 75 minutes.
> 70 minutes at Google.  Mapping/Random Access is scheduled for 5 minutes 
> longer at Google than IronPort to account for the expected larger 
> audience.  Yes, while the plural "you" as all speakers combined is also 
> true as you note, I was reckoning that someone needs to keep track of time 
> of the topic discussions during the meeting and ultimately that is the 
> singular "you" as meeting organizer.
> >July, Google, if no one objects.
> >How does it happen at Google?  Do I need to help there?
> You and Neil need to be in contact for A-V (audio-visual equipment) and 
> room setup.  I currently understand as details for this meeting
>     Date                     Thur, July 14
>     Location                 Google (contact: Neil)
>     Working Topic Title      IDE Comparison
>     Topic Organizer          Marilyn
>     Topic URL
>     Mapping/Random Access    Dennis
>     Refreshments      Donna
>     Dinner                   Brian
>     Posting (site+c.l.p..)   Aahz

Looks right so far.

> >What I don't understand is, who is doing the web page?  I hope (we all 
> >hope) that I am not.
> I envision that the meeting organizer/speaker would like to have a web page 
> on their own servers.  The decision maker is the individual 
> organizer/speaker.  If such web page exists, I am volunteering to track the 
> URL here in postings.  The advantage of speaker/organizer web page is the 
> individuals directly involved in the technical program can post 
> changes/updates and even slides after the talk directly.  Fwiw, the 
> copyright status of this posting is unambiguous: it resides with the poster 
> on their own server unless there is explicit alternative statement.

I see.  That makes sense for the general case.

In our case, with multiple speakers, do I collect everyone's text and
put it on a web page?  Or does each speaker put their info on a web
page and give me their url and I put links to those urls on a web page
and give that url to the group site?  I guess the later is better so
that people can post their slides and keep control of their info.
That would be the Cascading Stanford Model?  And it is the
object-oriented model since everyone keeps their own data, surely a
better experience for everyone and a better product.

I expect that we are working out a pattern for other talks, something
to suggest to the next speaker/organizer of multiple speakers.

> In parallel, one can imagine posting of a web page on the BayPiggies web 
> server, along the Stanford model.  Aahz is the authority here.
> I gather we have not had a web page describing the talk for some 
> while.  IMO, this is least desirable but all four logical outcomes of 
> outside vs. BayPiggies and yes/no web page can work.

I guess there have been web pages for talks, but they disappear
completely when the talk is done?

A nice thing about the Stanford model is that there will be an archive
of the talks.

> To answer your question directly: I think "who/whether" is joint decision 
> between you and Aahz.

Does the Stanford model work for you Aahz?  It would be less work for
you and has the other benefits noted above.

Again, thank you Dennis for you help.


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