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Marilyn Davis marilyn at deliberate.com
Mon Apr 17 20:58:11 CEST 2006

On Mon, 17 Apr 2006, Aahz wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 17, 2006, Marilyn Davis wrote:
> >
> > In our case, with multiple speakers, do I collect everyone's text
> > and put it on a web page?  Or does each speaker put their info on a
> > web page and give me their url and I put links to those urls on a
> > web page and give that url to the group site?  I guess the later is
> > better so that people can post their slides and keep control of their
> > info.  That would be the Cascading Stanford Model?  And it is the
> > object-oriented model since everyone keeps their own data, surely a
> > better experience for everyone and a better product.
> If you look at the history of BayPIGgies meetings, when we're doing a
> good job, the BayPIGgies page contains a reasonable summary that links
> to the presenters' longer pages.  What changes do you think should be
> made to this and why?

I was trying to help facilitate Dennis' suggestion that we pattern the
display like:


I like it but I am not attached to it.

Dennis said:

> >How are you imagining that the existing old stuff will be handled?
> >And the new old stuff as it develops?
> Consistent with the way it is now.

OK.  I was just wondering if the links would be stable as they seem to
be at the ee380 site, or if the links would be moved to a list of old
talks.  Again, I'm just trying to get the spec straight.  It is no
real issue for me.

> >Maybe Donna will be handing this in the future?  Is this what she is
> >volunteering for?
> I sense a culture clash here.  The technological approach and goals 
> implemented presently look markedly different than the kind of tools Donna 
> is using.  The existing web page meet our publication needs and exceed what 

Oh.  I'm too tool dumb to know that I was suggesting a culture clash.

> I would expect in terms of continuity and preserving past records.  Our web 
> site is not something where I want to put my personal energy.  I am much 
> more concerned about the logistic, process, and content of our meetings.
> For me, web site direction is up to those maintaining it now.

Maybe Wes was maintaining it?  I thought, in the end, he fixed up the
page for JJ's talk on Thursday, and Aahz disclaimed the earlier work
on the page.  I thought I remembered that Donna volunteered to make a
new look for us.  So I thought we should be talking to her.

Again, I'm not pushing anything, just trying to clarify and build

> >I'm inserting Donna's talk.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.
> I think we need a single copy of the schedule of upcoming events.  If you 
> want to maintain the list, let's either transfer the list to you or come up 

No no.  I don't want to maintain the list.  I just wanted to get Donna
on there so that she wouldn't feel left out.

> with some simple source control protocol between ourselves.  Several of 
> items for other meetings are not the latest copy I have.

Oh.  I was responding Mark Ivey's post which contained your post.

Mark also said:

> Is there an iCalendar schedule for the group?  I would find that very  
> useful (and I suspect others would as well) because then I could  
> subscribe to it and have the meetings show up on my calendar.  Just a  
> thought....

so maybe we can consider using some tools to keep stuff straight.

I'm not a web person and really know nothing about all that magic.  

> Your entry has one issue in this combination:
>          Date                     June
>          Location                 TBD
> The location for June is IronPort.  Donna has indicated she can speak only 
> at Google, not IronPort.  The next open Google night is Sep.  You show your 
> own July location as TBD.  You have raised in a separate thread why we 
> simply do not have all our meetings at Google.  Good question.  Google is 
> more convenient for me so I don't oppose a move.  I would like to see 
> discussion.  In the absence of some sort of emergent consensus for change, 
> I think the schedule is IronPort June, Aug, Oct, ...  Google May, July, 
> Sep, ...  My inclination, until we have consensus is to show:
>          Date                     Sep.
>          Location                 Google

OK.  Sounds right.

> The other thing I wonder about is
>          Working Topic Title      Plone
> It appears to me that Plone is a CMS built on Zope3.  As such, there is a 
> funneling effect where people must accept that they need a CMS and that 
> Zope3 is the proper foundation.  TurboGears looks like an interesting Web 
> Development Platform.  Could these be combined into a Web framework 
> talk?  Would this be better?  I am unfamiliar with either (although I have 
> done very basic work with Zope 2).  I am an absolute newbie in all of these 
> areas and my comments should be weighted as such.

I don't know enough to recommend anything but your suggestion sounds
even more interesting to me than the Plone-only talk.  But I don't
know if it's practical.


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