[Baypiggies] Schedule of upcoming events

Marilyn Davis marilyn at deliberate.com
Mon Apr 17 21:06:05 CEST 2006

On Mon, 17 Apr 2006, Aahz wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 17, 2006, Dennis Reinhardt wrote:
> >
> > The location for June is IronPort.  Donna has indicated she can speak only 
> > at Google, not IronPort.  The next open Google night is Sep.  
> Unless someone objects, my inclination is to have Donna do a Plone talk
> in July at Google and move the IDE talk, possibly to June at IronPort.

No please.  Can we please have the IDE talk at Google?  September is
fine.  July is fine.

We have no talk for June at Ironport.

Gotta go now,


> Or Donna could take September at Google -- I don't much care myself.
> > It appears to me that Plone is a CMS built on Zope3.  As such, there is a 
> > funneling effect where people must accept that they need a CMS and that 
> > Zope3 is the proper foundation.  
> Not really.  Part of the point of Plone as I understand it is to mostly
> hide Zope from the developer.
> > TurboGears looks like an interesting Web Development Platform.  Could
> > these be combined into a Web framework talk?  Would this be better?
> > I am unfamiliar with either (although I have done very basic work
> > with Zope 2).  I am an absolute newbie in all of these areas and my
> > comments should be weighted as such.
> My experience is that while "framework shootouts" can be interesting,
> you really need a full hour talk if you want to show off what a
> framework can do.


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