[Baypiggies] Meeting locations

w chun wescpy at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 21:44:11 CEST 2006

> > > Why do we meet at
> > > both sites?  It seems that the Google meetings are better attended and
> > > the acoustics are better.
> > >
> > > Both places are super-cool.
> >
>> IronPort has much better access to public transit.
> Can anyone speak for meetings at Ironport, or against having all
> regular meetings at Google?
> Will anyone take it personally if we have just the Google site?

the meetings at IronPort are a compromise for those coming from
NB/marin, SF, and the EB.  that *and*, as Aahz has already mentioned,
the san bruno location has awesome public transit access (CalTrain,
BART, SamTrans), etc.

the meetings will continue at both sites unless certain events happen:

1) we lose the IronPort location
2) attendance is so strong, it reaches critical mass such that
separate EB, SF, and/or NB groups splinter off from BayPIGgies
3) current members all agree (similar numbers to name-changing)

if we want to keep attracting attendees, we need to alter locations. 
i am even proposing we have meetings in the EB once or twice a year if
we can find facilities.  otherwise, what's the point of being a "Bay
Area" Python user group if we cannot accomodate folks who happen to
live elsewhere?

in this case, we really would lose the BayPIGgies name and spirit and
become a silicon valley-only group, which should require a name
change...to... uh... SVPIGgies... pronounced "SVEE-pig-gies".  :-)


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