[Baypiggies] Schedule of upcoming events

w chun wescpy at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 21:53:13 CEST 2006

On 4/17/06, Dennis Reinhardt <DennisR at dair.com> wrote:
> At 12:15 PM 4/17/2006, Donna Snow wrote:
> >Also, I'm not a programmer.. new to Python..but I've been
> >building on Zope/Plone since 2001.. and am a designer/trainer
> >comfortable with the system even though I can't program python to save
> >my life (yet).
> I think not programming in Python will be a problem for a dedicated
> program.  I would like to see some plan for how this presentation will
> address specific Python questions:
>          no Python specific content (not good)
>          pairing with another presentation
>          relying on audience
>         defer for now to gather more Python experience

this is an interesting conundrum:  a "killer app" written in Python,
yet no Python is necessary to design a system with it; although being
able to code in Python would allow for optimal flexibility with the

i would agree with a conditional pair presentation.  donna should be
able to give hers as-is, without any Python.  i mean, she is showing
interest in Python just by being on this mailing list.  if anyone else
in the group has mucked with Plone by fiddling with its Python, then
they should give a quicky demo of tweaking Donna's demo site (that she
would've just built in front of everyone).  if no one volunteers, then
we leave donna's presentation in there.  i don't want there *not* to
be a Plone presentation just because we can't find someone who has
coded Python for it.


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