[Baypiggies] Schedule of upcoming events

Rob Miller ra at burningman.com
Tue Apr 18 04:25:06 CEST 2006

Donna Snow wrote:
> Plone isn't on Zope3 yet.. the newly released Plone 2.5 beta requires
> Zope 2.9 + Five
> (Five is a Zope 2 product that allows you to integrate Zope 3
> technologies into Zope 2, today. It allows you to use all parts of the
> Zope 3 component architecture within Zope 2, namely interfaces,
> adapters and views. It also re-implements a few features known from
> Zope 3, such as the automatic generation of add and edit forms based
> on schemas, so that they can be used in a Zope 2 environment.)
> Plone 3.0 should be Zope 3.. but that's not due out for six months.

this isn't exactly true.  Plone 3.0 (which will probably land in late
2006 or early 2007) is, as of today, slated to depend on Zope 2.10.
however, as you said, Zope2 and Zope3 are on something of a convergence
path.  Z3 was a complete, ground-up rewrite.  it's a greatly improved
technology, IMO, but the immense existing base of Z2-based software made
it hard for many of us who make our living writing Zope applications for
a living to make the jump.  ("For only $30,000 more I could write this
in Zope3.  It won't look any better, and it will have fewer features,
but my geek friends will all think it's cooler!" yeah, right..)

luckily, Five was developed, and now nearly all new Z2-based development
is actually drawing very heavily on Z3-technology and Z3-based patterns.
  there are efforts underway to replace Z2's publisher and templating
engine with the Z3 implementation.  eventually Z2 will be little more
than a particular configuration of Z3 technology.  and Z3 will look a
whole lot more like a collection of useful libraries than a monolithic
app server; some would argue that this is already the case.  as such,
Plone has no intention of explicitly making the jump to being a "pure"
Z3 application... there's no need.

> Maybe we just have a python related CMS night.. I don't know of any
> other ones.. but maybe TurboGears has a CMS built on it's framework?

perhaps, but i agree w/ someone else's sentiment that an hour isn't very
long... an hour will only touch on Plone superficially, trying to fit
another platform in as well will compress things beyond the point of
usefulness, i fear.


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