[Baypiggies] Meeting locations / Location results from 39 responses

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 18 11:13:51 CEST 2006

To add some data, below are the survey results so far on Q9: Geographical 
based on 39 responses. (Best viewed in a fixed-font, or save this to file 
and view that in fixed font.)

To reduce list volume, can we table discussing this issue until May meeting?
I will present final numbers with graphs which might shed more light.
e.g. a graph of "meeting attendance pie chart broken down by primary 
geographical preference"
Since we know enough to know it has no easy solution.

Results & Analysis
- there is no best location, however...:
- SB is rated 'Most Convenient' by 49% outright, 'Conv't' or better by 59%, 
and at least 'Ok' by 74%
- Pen is rated 'Most Convenient' by only 3%, 'Conv't' or better by 36%, and 
at least 'Ok' by 64%
- SF or EB (e.g. near BART/101/880) are both distinctly less popular, rated 
'conv't' or better by only 38%/41% respectively. Maybe we could discuss 
having 2 a year if someone could secure a location (e.g. UCSF, 
- NB is utterly out of the question: it's only rated 'Ok' or better by 13%. 
Sorry O'Reilly.
- lesson learnt: should have split Peninsula into Sth Pen and Nth Pen 
(splitting at San Mateo)
- I think the most useful table is the third one: 'Location preference, by 
SB is rated 'Ok' or better by 74%, Pen by 64%, SF by only 38%, EB by 41%, NB 
by only 13%
- re Dennis's comment about increased trip times: all we can do is try to 
arrange carpooling.
Several people have indicated they want the agenda nailed down early enough 
(2 wks advance?)  to allow them to decide whether they are going/ 
carpooling/ arrange a ride to BART/Caltrain.
- strictly speaking we could have asked each person for the zip code from 
which they travel (work/school/home) and the zip code they return to 
(usually home)
then you could get each person's trip distance from:
and figure out the preferred centroid and radius... also would have been 
helpful to visually cluster-plot the pins on a map with Google Map.

- these results are skewed towards the 39 of the 332 list members who 
It's not weighted by the number of meetings people currently attend (which 
would be unfair).
- please don't not have a show of hands on the list, that's precisely what 
the survey is for.
- please no further discussion of name, at this point.
- anyone who can actually volunteer a location (free, decent room, decent 
acoustics, good connection WiFi, doesn't require us to have insurance, 
tables, allows us bring food in), speak up. I saw suggestion of O'Reilly and 

Q9: Location Preferences (after 39 respondents)

Location preference, by NUMBER
(NUMBER)     Not conv.       Convenient      |
     Impossible      |  Ok   |       Most conv.
SB        2      8       6       4      19
Pen       0     14      11      13       1
SF        7     17       7       5       3
EB       10     13       7       4       5
NB       19     15       2       2       1

Location preference, by PERCENT
(PERCENT)    Not conv.       Convenient      |
     Impossible      |  Ok   |       Most conv.
SB        5%    21%     15%     10%     49%
Pen       0%    36%     28%     33%      3%
SF       18%    44%     18%     13%      8%
EB       26%    33%     18%     10%     13%
NB       49%    38%      5%      5%      3%

Location preference, by CUMULATIVE PERCENT
(CUM PCT)    Not conv.       Convenient      |
     Impossible      |  Ok   |       Most conv.
SB              95%     74%     59%     49%
Pen            100%     64%     36%      3%
SF              82%     38%     21%      8%
EB              74%     41%     23%     13%
NB              51%     13%      8%      3%

SB  = South Bay (Mtn View or southwards)
Pen = Peninsula (Palo Alto up to Daly City)
Other (outside Bay Area was excluded since 92% rated it Inconvenient or 

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