[Baypiggies] Scheduling change of plans

Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Thu Apr 20 22:43:38 CEST 2006

At 11:49 AM -0700 4/20/06, Dennis Reinhardt wrote:
> Let me propose a change in schedule here:
>  IronPort meetings 2nd Thur     4 times/year
>  Google meetings   3rd Thur 10-12 times/year
>  East Bay          1st Thur   1-2 (future, none now)

I understand the motivation for varying the location, but I
don't understand why the date should jump around.  Unless
there is a REALLY compelling reason for this, I suggest that
the date be easy to remember, plan for, etc.

Rick Moen's page "Recipe for a Successful Linux User Group"
should be required reading for anyone who is running ANY
kind of user group, etc.  I could quibble with a few of his
points, but by and large, it's right on target.  He says:

> 3. You need a regular meeting location.
> Changing meeting locations risks losing attendees like mad.
> Why?  Because some will come to the prior  meeting location,
> instead, get discouraged, and maybe even conclude that your
> group has folded -- and also because finding out how to get
> there, where to park,  whether the neighbourhood's OK to
> walk in, etc., is a strain on people, each time you move.
> ...
> 4. You need a regular meeting time.
> "Regular" usually means following an easily-remembered-and-used
> formula, suitable for people's calendars, pocket planners, and
> PalmPilots  -- such as 4th Thursday.  Don't get fancy with things
> like "every other Thursday": Make it so anyone with a  calendar
> can easily figure out when the next meeting will be.

  --  Recipe for a Successful Linux User Group

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