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Danny Colligan dannycolligan at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 07:32:55 CEST 2006

I also just subscribed to the mailing list, and I'm jumping on the
introduction bandwagon.

My name's Danny.  I'm a junior at Georgetown University and currently
studying abroad in Turkey.  I come from a C++/Java background and just
picked up the learning python o'reilly book and think that python rules (I
do not expect any disagreement from this group).  I'm on the other side of
the world, so don't expect me at any of the meetings anytime soon, but I get
back in June and I'm interning for a Silicon Valley software company close
to where I live in the summer.

Look forward to meeting everyone,

Danny Colligan

On 4/22/06, Redefined Horizons <redefined.horizons at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have just subscribed to the mailing list, and I wanted to introduce
> myself to the community. I am a new user of Python, and have recently
> decided to use the language for my Linux programming. (This was after a few
> weeks of trying to build a cross-platform Visual Basic .NET application
> using Mono.) :] I'm also a relatively new user of Linux. I come to Python
> from a Java, LISP, and Visual Basic programming background. (I'm also
> learning to dabble with C Programming.)
> I work for a Land Surveying and Civil Engineering firm in the Central
> Valley. Most of my interest in Python will be for the development of
> geospatial applications. I will be working on the following projects in
> Python over the course of the next few months:
> *[1]* Python OGD Implementation: The OGD is a open standard for an
> object-oriented geospatial database that can be shared among open source
> desktop GIS applications. I hope to build an implementation of the OGD and
> OpenJUMP-Ex for Linux in Python. You can learn more about the OGD and
> OpenJUMP-Ex at the SurveyOS website:
> http://surveyos.sourceforge.net/
> *[2]* Python 2SimpleXML Parser and Object-Binding Library: 2SimpleXML is a
> subset of XML that I came-up with to simplify the use of XML in programming.
> You can learn more about it here:
> http://www.bluwiki.org/go/2SimpleXML
> I am writing a 2SimpleXML Parser and Object-Binding library for 2SimpleXML
> in Python.
> *[3]* Python SurveyOS Application Framework Implementation: This will be
> an implementation of the SurveyOS Application Framework in Python. The
> framework provides a simple foundation for application development that
> includes plug-in management, logging, and user management.
> My work on the Python OGD Implementation will probably be of the most
> interest to the community. I hope to work on some low-level tools that
> will parse of DXF files and ESRI Shapefiles, making there content available
> to Python programs.
> All of my work is released under open source licenses, and I look forward
> to working with other Python developers if I can.
> Scott Huey
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