[Baypiggies] ANNC: RSVP Deadline for Refreshments - May 4, 2006 (midnight)

Donna Snow donnamsnow at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 08:14:27 CEST 2006

Hi All,

If you are not going to snack at Google.. then please feel free to
delete this email <my feelings won't be hurt.. I promise>

In order to insure we have plenty of refreshments for all who want.. I
am hereby setting Thursday, May 4th as the deadline for receipt of
RSVP from those who want pizza etc at the May 11th meeting.

Cost is $5.00 for 2 slices of pizza, green salad or selection from
veggie plate, 1 drink and choice of 2 treats (cookies. brownies,
cupcakes, chips or fruit)
I will also have extra drinks/snacks for those who do dinner at home
or at a restaraunt.. $1 an item.. $1 for drink.. $1 for snack...

Couple options for order:
1. you can email me and let me know you want food.. and I'll send you my snail
mail so you can send me $5.00 - or drop it off at my house if you are
near Westgate Mall) and I'll put you down on the *refreshment* list.
You will receive a voucher when you arrive.
<preferred option>

2. you can email me and let me know you want food and I'll add you to
the refreshment list and you bring $5 to the meeting and I'll give you
a voucher (note if you RSVP and can't show up you'll be responsible
for that $5 unless I sell your order to someone else- which is
possible..so RSVP carefully as I'll be basing food purchases on how
many RSVP + a percentage for those who aren't sure if they are going
to be able to make it until the last minute. :-))

 I still need to know if you are not going to eat pizza but want
water, juice, soda and/or a snack (just so I have a base number to
work from when I buy snacks).

If you RSVP'd and paid (preferably ahead of time) I will give you a
"voucher" at the meeting
and you can go to the table.. select your stuff.. and drop your
voucher in the container.. (could be jar or can.. don't know which
yet) so I can keep track of who pays and actually picks up food (this
will also help me to figure out how much to order for the next

There may be some months where I'll change out the "main course" and
bring KFC or Boston Market.. instead of pizza.. but let's see how the
pizza goes and if we can build up the refreshment funding to the point
where I can be creative without going broke :-).

I will order cheese, pepperoni, sausage, veggie and possibly ham &
pineapple as pizza choices.. (unless there is a recommend for another
pizza that is generally liked by most people)

I will also draw a voucher from the container after each meeting and
that person will get a free voucher for the next Google meeting.

Please respond to me offlist donnamsnow at gmail.com and let me know if
you want refreshments and those who want to pay ahead of time will
receive my snail mail so you can send in your order for food/snacks
for May 11th.

(Those who already responded.. Thank You..I've made note and I'll post
an RSVP list beginning of next week so you can check to see if you are
on it.. that's it from me on this topic until next Monday!!!)

Please respond offlist.. and if you are going to have pizza at Google
you should try to arrive by no later than 7:00 so you can get checked
in and into the meeting room by 7:15pm to pick up your pizza dinner
and get settled in before the speaker gets started at 7:30pm.

Thank You for your patience!!

Donna M. Snow

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