[Baypiggies] Meetup re BayPIGgies organization Thu 4/27, 7pm, Jing Jing, Palo Alto

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Tue Apr 25 19:55:57 CEST 2006

[things which need to be done to allow Wesley to "become a civilian"]

>- organize talks & invite speakers
>- introduce sp[e]akers ...

I am willing to cover this up via planning doc in my sig below.  However, I 
am organizing Topic Organizers, not speakers per se.  In cases where there 
is more than one speaker, I think the topic organizer is in the best 
position to introduce speakers.

To be specific, tomorrow night, I think it falls to JJ to introduce the 
speaker insofar as he did much of the work in setting up the meeting.  If 
he doesn't want to introduce, it would be his call as the organizer to 
designate how this is handled.

There is no default moderator I am aware of and using the Topic Organizer 
to moderate the meeting for the night seems to cover the next several meetings.

>... and time-moderate meetings

I did this at last IronPort meeting.  I see the Random Access/Mapping which 
I would like to moderate as the final event so I serve as an advocate for 
ending regular program on time.  Marilyn has expressed interest in time 
moderation topics. ... further discussion useful.

>- setup/maintain locations with hosts
>- organize offsite meetings when main site(s) aren't available
>- hang/tape up signs at sites to direct folks to meeting room

There are some issues here with no clear owner yet imo.  Stephen is calling 
an organizing meeting and this topic is included, as he has specifically 
identified "current alternating location setup" as a discussion topic.

>- manage recruiters who want to "sell their wares"

The last can be done via Mapping/Random Access.  I can pick this up.

>- update/maintain the website
>- manage/moderate mailing list (rejecting spam, etc.)

Oh?  I thought Aazh had this responsibility/was doing both of these.  Donna 
had volunteered to work on this.  But my sense is the job she would 
do/tools used are enough different that a complete transfer makes more 
sense than "participation".  One way or another, we may be able to cover this.

It would be great to see from Aazh what he is doing/wants to continue doing.

>- buy snacks and collect donations

Donna is starting this up at Google

>- keep meetings going even if there is no topic

I have a difference of opinion on this one.  If we don't have a topic, I 
don't think we have a meeting.  I would want to put my energy into having 
content in the meeting.  If there is no content, then cancel the meeting is 
my feeling.

>- collate and hand out swag to speakers

Seems like another possible topic for Stephen's meeting.

>if i can be just a "civilian" for now, that would be best, otherwise
>i'll try to pick up something that volunteers have not taken off the

This has been an excellent list.  Thanks for being explicit.
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