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Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Wed Apr 26 03:52:35 CEST 2006

At 05:42 PM 4/25/2006, Paul McGavin wrote:
>Location, Location, Location
>If Google can sustain 10-12 meetings a year, I say do it, as long as
>the meetings are videotaped and posted in an easy-to-find location
>(linked from the BayPiggies site). Sounds like Google could provide
>this service for us

I think 10-12 is very realistic.  I heard there is the intention to 
videotape future technical meetings.  Easy-to-find ought to be a non-barrier.

>There is nothing wrong with 10-12 meetings per year at
>Google on the second Thu. of the month and 6-8 meetings per year in SF
>on the fourth Thu. of the month.

The 10-12 meetings at Google is sufficiently realistic that I am concerned 
about growth.  There may be times when we have more good topics than will 
fit in a technical hour once/month.  At the Google site, I think future 
planning should permit more than one meeting per month: 16 meetings/year 
seems doable (albeit a lot of work).  Sometimes, 2nd and 4th week meetings 
might make sense.  This is a future possibility; first order of business is 
develop a solid every month schedule.  Longer meetings (eyes roll) is 
another possibility to handle growth.

For this expansion reason, I would not want to see a SF meeting directly 
opposed in the month to whatever night Google is scheduled for.

A second consideration here is some speakers may desire a larger audience 
and want to speak at both locations.  ... or some topic may be hot and both 
locations vie for the same speaker.  With two week spacing, the meeting 
getting the same speaker after 2 weeks is getting "old news".

An alternate here for consideration is that one site take 2nd Wed and the 
other site take 2nd Thur.  That way, each site can expand/contract as it 
needs to serve its base without conflict from the other local Python group.

Guessing: is subject title $3.19 a reference to cost of gasoline?
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