[Baypiggies] Moving forward (was meetup ...)

Marilyn Davis marilyn at deliberate.com
Sun Apr 30 03:34:02 CEST 2006

On Fri, 28 Apr 2006, Danny Yoo wrote:

> >> BTW, note that Danny is the primary contact for baypiggies.net and 
> >> Deirdre still owns the domain.
> >
> > There you are.  Danny is going away.  Deirdre is into Ruby now.  The 
> > keys to our important resources are away from the control of the new 
> > volunteers.
> Hi Marilyn,
> That brings up a point: I must reliquish control of this to allow someone 
> more involved to be the point of contact.  It's not fair to the active 
> members of the group to be beholden to anyone who doesn't attend the 
> meetings (like me!  *wink*)

Thank you Danny!

And thank you new volunteers: Dennis, Donna and Paul.  It sounds like
you are cookin' already.  I look forward to the new site.

And thank you Danny for all you've done for years.


> I'm sorry that I just can't be more involved.  But I do want to make sure 
> I'm not encumbering the group.  If anyone wants to step up to this, please 
> raise your hand, and we'll do the "passing of keys" thing.  Right now, the 
> only other people I know who I've shared the site information to have 
> been:
>      * Wes
>      * Tony
>      * Aahz
> And I suspect that none of us are involved to a degree that satisfies the 
> group.  So if someone wants to be the point person (people?) for this, 
> please send your consent to the group.  This problem is very solvable! 
> *grin*
> The same princibles should apply too with the 'baypiggies.net' domain 
> name.  In this case, I still have to hear back from Deirdre and 
> register.com about this one, and assume that register.com is just dragging 
> its feet on completing the transfer.  But in the case that someone can 
> raise their hand to shepherd the domain name, they should do that now so 
> we can get this quickly settled too.
> Best of wishes!


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