[Baypiggies] Notice of Meeting Aug. 10 at Ironport

Max Slimmer max at theslimmers.net
Sat Aug 5 01:22:44 CEST 2006

My 2cents, 
I am new, attended the last Ironport meeting. At least from the abstract in
this case it is fairly obvious what the talk will be about and as far as
level, unless the speaker states that everyone is assumed to understand
twisted and the other libs used I would presume that he will give enough
background in these areas such that those who have not yet experienced them
will be able to follow the talk. At the same time if the audience is all
comfortable and interested the presentation would be adjusted. 

As long as the speaker is willing and able to adjust the level of the
presentation based on the audience then stating the level in advance could
be a handicap and limit the possibilities.


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> Hi Dennis,
> I honestly do think this is very important.
> Several times it has happened that people (esp. new people) 
> would show up for a meeting  and it turned out to be not at 
> all what they had expected based on the abstract.
> Regards,
> Stephen
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> >Are there "levels" on the two presentations at Ironport?
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> >Donna M. Snow
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