[Baypiggies] Planning remaining 2006 meetings

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Mon Aug 14 03:38:04 CEST 2006

As Wes noted, JJ is leaving IronPort and the previous outcome here that our 
schedule at Google be expanded to monthly is further solidified.  Our 
remaining 2006 schedule (all at Google 7:30 p.m.) then is:

   Sep. 14   Donna Snow: Plone
   Oct. 12   --
   Nov.  9   Russ Paielli: air traffic controller
   Dec. 14   --

We have open meetings in Oct. and Dec. at this point.  Russ, Oct. 12 is 
open at this time if you want to change your time.  Carl J. Van Arsdall has 
indicated a future interest.  Wes told me of two people may have an 
interest.  Could I ask them that they declare there interest here on the 
list or to me for follow up since I am doing the coordination?

Marilyn had mentioned a possible second IDE night.  Previously, the 
earliest this would happen at Google was Jan 2007.  We now have open 2006 

All: If you want to speak, please respond to the list or to me.  If you 
want to nominate someone, I favor a response to me rather than the list 
unless you have reason to believe that someone is ok with discussion about 

Regards, Dennis

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