[Baypiggies] Planning remaining 2006 meetings

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Tue Aug 15 01:20:16 CEST 2006

At 03:58 PM 8/14/2006, Robert Stephenson wrote:
>I'd be happy to give a version of my OSCON talk on controlling a 
>full-screen presentation with python and a laser pointer.  It deals 
>principally with some image analysis issues and python on the Mac (about 
>30 min worth).

Thanks Robert, I heard that went well.  Right now, Dec. 14th is open.

Marilyn, what do you think of combining this with 45 minutes of IDE 
presentation (3x15 min) for our December meeting?

>Also, someone had suggested a recap of OSCON highlights.  I'd be happy to 
>contribute to that (about 5-10 min worth).
>- Rob

We now appear to be booked through the end of December 2006.  IMO, 
conference reports at meetings are not something BayPiggies has done 
well.  Insofar as Oscon is topical and newsworthy, I think it is better 
suited for blog and subscription list discussion.

What about having discussion/reports on Oscon here on the mailing list?

Regards, Dennis

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