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Wed Aug 30 00:46:20 CEST 2006


We are looking for a build and release engineer for the CM group at PDI/Dreamworks in Redwood City.  Our build and release system has been written in Make, Perl, Python, and some C/C++.  We are currently moving this system to Python as well as many other systems in our studio.  This position will involve using Python to interface with the build system's Oracle backend, wrapping CVS with Python scripts, and other CM work which will be done in Python.  The full description is below.  Please email me if you have any questions or are interested.

Jason Williams
jwilliams at pdi.com
Research and Development

Configuration Management Engineer

This "Configuration Management Engineer" will be working with all of
our software development staff to support a large suite of in-house
production tools. We are maintaining a medium size code base of mostly
C & C++ libraries and applications (currently using CVS). The build
system uses "gmake" and custom python and perl scripts in a RedHat
Linux environment.  The build system currently delivers software to
two geographically separate studio and will soon be delivering tools


Maintaining and improving the build system as it evolves and working
with related departments on integrating a new software versioning
system and release mechanism.  This position will most likely involve
interacting with and supporting users in other countries.  You will be
working with the Systems Department regarding any upgrades that may
affect the development environment, distribution, etc.

   Familiarity with CVS, Python, C++, Perl, GNU Make, Unix.
   Extensive experience with source code management.
   Extensive experience with release management.
   Exceptional organizational and problem solving skills.
   Proactive in trouble-shooting and good team player.
   Solid communication and people skills.

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