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Marilyn Davis marilyn at deliberate.com
Sat Dec 2 02:19:57 CET 2006

----- On Friday, December 1, 2006 DennisR at dair.com wrote:

> At 09:58 AM 11/29/2006, Guido van Rossum wrote:
>>Sorry, but we hate recruiters here. We have very good reasons.
> I'm sorry too.

I'm sorry that this list isn't a sweeter place.  One of the big attractions of Python, for a teacher, is that it lowers the bar a big notch on what it takes to be a programmer.  

Accordingly, I wish the power-that-is was kinder, less intimidating and expected that non-programmers, first-time programmers, and students were around, not just gurus.

And I wish that the role of power-that-is, i.e. the list adminstrator, was a role that had some mechanism for change.  I remember that JJ volunteered to take the role and that no mechanism appeared for transferring it.

But, my wishes are powerless.

> The world looks very much differently to me, now having reached 63 years
> old and being unemployed.
> I have contemplated doing this for a while now and seeing this divergence
> between what I need and the norm here seals my timing: I am resigning from
> arranging future Baypiggies meetings.
> The December meeting is uncertain at this point as 3 out of 4 purported
> speakers have not responded to off list requests and the 4th has responded
> but cannot commit to attending.  Marilyn Davis is responsible for the fate
> of the December meeting.

Oh dear.  Because only 1 of the purported speakers has given me a blurb for his talk, and because nagging is too boring for me to do, and because December is a hard month to arrange or attend anything, I think it's a good idea to skip it.  In fact, it would help me a lot to skip it because there is party that night that I would like to attend.

Does anyone object?

> The January meeting is pretty much setup with a reprised Plone talk with
> emphasis on BayPiggies site.
> The first meeting needing to be set up is Feb. 2007.
> I am open to someone stepping in immediately but no later than necessary to
> arrange our Feb. 2007 meeting.

Dennis asked me privately to take his place but I cannot.

Thank you Dennis, for all you have done.  Working with you has been a great pleasure and it's a part of why I have volunteered the little bit that I have.


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