[Baypiggies] [Fwd: Re: Cancel December meeting?]

Ken Seehart ken at seehart.com
Sun Dec 3 08:06:07 CET 2006

Let's see who responds on-list in the next 48 hours.  If there aren't 
too many objections: cancel.  How does that sound?

Meantime, better put a message on the website warning everyone that it 
/might /get canceled, and to check back later.

- Ken

Marilyn Davis wrote:
> So far it's only Alex?  The IDE people are shaping up a bit and we can probably pull off enough entertainment. But what a shame to do all that for just Alex.  :^)
> I still vote to give up on December. 
> The IDE people can do their thing in February, if nothing more interesting pops up.
> So, how do we decide? 
> Marilyn

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