[Baypiggies] Python job in Walnut Creek

Reggie Dugard reggie at merfinllc.com
Wed Dec 6 19:11:48 CET 2006

We're a small financial firm in Walnut Creek that specializes in
mathematical/algorithmic trading in world financial markets and we're
looking to hire a new member for our technical staff to work with
financial systems and data engineering.  Almost all of our programming
is in Python with only a small amount of wrapper code written in
C/C++/Java.  Below is the official posting.

Reggie Dugard
Merfin, LLC


Company: Merfin, LLC (Sponsor member of PSF)
Position: Member, Technical Staff 
Location: Walnut Creek, CA

Our ideal candidate has a B.S./M.S. or Ph.D. in mathematics, computer
science, electrical engineering, or in the physical sciences, together
with very strong coding and "abstract design" skills, and a solid
analytical background. 

We require no financial background. 

Help create and maintain mission-critical software systems and financial
databases at the heart of all of the firm's international trading

Our systems are implemented in Python, C, and Java, and are largely

Compensation is attractive and includes an incentive bonus based on fund
Please send your resume to resumes at merfinllc.com 

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