[Baypiggies] Windows python installers?

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 12 00:10:53 CET 2006

[Since this question gets asked so often, how about a link page to the 
various batteries+packages-included distributions, by OS, Python version and 
package on baypiggies.net? There's also a difference between source and 
binary distributions - Stephen]

Enthought Python (Windows only, Python 2.4 and 2.3)


Python Enthought Edition--Python 2.4.3 for Windows Enhanced Python 

Carrying on Python's batteries included tradition of providing lots of great 
functionality right out of the box, Enthought, Inc. is pleased to make 
available Python 2.4.3 for Windows (Enthought Edition), a Python 
distribution that comes with even more useful capabilities already installed 
and ready for use. Download now.

In addition to all of the features provided with the standard Python 2.4.3 
distribution, Python 2.4.3 for Windows (Enthought Edition) also includes the 
following packages:

    * celementtree 1.0.5-20051216: C extension XML parsing
    * ctypes A package to create and manipulate C data types in 
    * Docutils 0.3.9: text processing system
    * elementtree 1.2.6-20050316: XML parsing
    * Enthought Tool Suite 1.0.9: A tool suite for building extensible 
python applications. This includes chaco, traits, kiva, envisage, etc.
    * epydoc 2.0: Automatic API Documentation Generation for Python
    * fpconst 0.7.2: Utilities for handling IEEE 754 floating point special 
    * GadflyZip: An SQL Relational Database in Python
    * IPython 0.7.2: A Python Shell done right.
    * Matplotlib Python 2D plotting library
    * MayaVi 1.5: 3D Data Visualization Tool
    * numarray 1.5.1: STScI rework of Numeric
    * Numeric 24.2: Numerical Python
    * NumPy Basic N-Dimensional Array manipulations
    * PIL 1.1.5: Python Imaging Library
    * pydot 0.9.10: Python interface to Graphviz's Dot language
    * pyparsing 1.4.1: Python based grammar parser
    * pyreadline 1.3: ctypes-based readline for Windows
    * pyserial 2.2: A python extension for accessing the serial port
    * PySQLite 2.2.2: A Python Extension for the SQLite embedded relational 
    * pysvn 1.4.1: Python interface to subversion version control system
    * pytables 1.2.3: Package for handling hierarchical datasets
    * pywin32 208: Python for Windows Extensions
    * PyXML 0.8.4: XML Tools
    * ScientificPython 2.4.11: A collection of Python modules for scientific 
    * SciPy Scientific Library for Python
    * SOAPpy 0.11.6: SOAP/XML Schema library
    * TestOOB 1.1: Advanced unit testing framework
    * VTK 5.0: 3D Visualization Toolkit
    * wxPython wxWindows for Python
    * ZODB3 3.6: ZODB and ZEO Object DataBase

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