[Baypiggies] Relative Python newbie baypiggies talk wish list

Steve Wedig stevewedig at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 00:25:30 CET 2006

I'd definitely drive up from LA to attend a weekend talk about Zope 3.
Particularly stuff like scaling it and how to take full advantage of
python for webapps.


On 2/9/06, John J. Dooley <jxd6 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> At the Nov baypiggies meeting someone floated the idea for future meeting(s)
> that would present resources useful to Python newbies. I am not sure what
> was intended but after my own struggle to get my feet wet, I am at the point
> where I sort of know what I don't know.
> I have the suspicion that an effective way to learn Python(I am not just
> talking about the core language but to effectively use it in real projects)
> is to undestand "cherry picked" Python projects - those projects that are
> acknowledged success. Perhaps, these projects are old hat and a little
> borring for the Python experts.
> Anyway, here is my dream list:
>   Twisted Architecture - useful to practically everyone
>   Zope 3 Component model - how to structure massive Python projects
>   Ajax - Last night I attended the ACCU's Ajax presentation by Greg Murray.
> It pulled in 72, a 5 year record for ACCU SV. This is the oddball in the
> list - it is nearly all legacy (XHTML, CSS, Javscript) so except for the
> approach.
> Nevow - Think this is useful but would love to get an overview. Something
> that would let me decide whether this is a "learn now" or "learn later".
>   IDEs - A state of the art overview - Even if I swear by  vIm  or emacs,
> when I praise Python to the unwashed the IDE question is not far behind.
> Other topics that might be useful: Zope 3 in general, TurboGears.
> I am not sure what was intended by "presenting resources" to the newbie, but
> the "case study" approach seems to be working for me. The newbie can learn
> lot by poreing over the Python legacy, and a few presentations could help
> him identify the most "Pythonic" of these.
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