[Baypiggies] Python ORM?

Ben Bangert ben at groovie.org
Fri Feb 17 16:38:45 CET 2006

On Feb 16, 2006, at 11:32 PM, Laurence Clark wrote:

> So what is the Python version of Hibernate? Or is this the wrong
> question? Do serious Python users believe in relational databases? If
> not what is the preferred persistence solution for a midsize data  
> model
> -- the kind of thing that would use a hundred tables or so in an old 
> fashioned client-server database application with a normalized
> relational database.

The closest thing to Hibernate in the Python world would most likely  
be SQLAlchemy (http://sqlalchemy.org/), which implements a lot of the  
same enterprise patterns as Hibernate. It lets you stay close to the  
SQL, or abstract away from it as you choose.

- Ben

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