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Keith Dart keith at kdart.com
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Shannon -jj Behrens wrote the following on 2006-02-17 at 15:46 PST:
> I think RDBMSs are the best thing to happen to business software in
> the last 30 years.  I *love* SQL.  However, with all due respect for
> David, it does seem that the active record pattern used by Ruby on
> Rails, Django, SQLAlchemy (I believe), SQLObject, etc. is actually
> helpful.  I liked having the OR Mapper that Django provides, and it
> *is* intelligent about generating good SQL and not pulling down
> everything into the client.  I think the fact that it lets you drop
> down to SQL if you need to is like having your cake and getting to eat
> it too.  I've read a lot that says SQLAlchemy is the way to go.


I have used SQLObjects, and I liked it. However, the syntax was a
little weird. But it does make interfacing to the SQL (mySQL) easier
for the SQL non-expert. 

As for other object storages, I also use the Durus persistence package.
My software's whole configuration database is based on it. It makes a
great free-form data storage. My wrapper objects make it look like a
hierarchical file system, except that it stores Python objects.


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