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Dave Peticolas dave at krondo.com
Sat Feb 18 19:08:58 CET 2006

Industrial Light & Magic -- Software Tools Engineer

This position develops and maintains a large body of Python code
related to the support of CG and visual effects production. The
projects include several large applications and numerous smaller
scripts and utilities. Specific uses include digital asset management,
production pipeline scripts, and process automation. You will work
with a team of programmers in a fast and flexible work environment.

Note this position does not involve graphics programming.

Job description

    * Develop and maintain Python code
    * Troubleshoot problems with deployed code
    * Work directly with users to obtain new requirements
      and fix problems.


    * Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or other technical degree
      with 1+ years experience in a software development environment
      required. Demonstrated ability to serve as an effective
      contributor on mid to large scale development projects.
    * Expertise in Python
    * SQL and relational database experience.
    * Experience with GUI programming helpful, especially GTK and Tkinter
    * Experience with Twisted and PEAK is a bonus.
    * Proficient in UNIX. Windows proficiency a bonus.
    * Experience with computer graphics production a bonus.
    * Familiar with software development practices including unit testing.
    * Good communication and organization skills.

To apply use the link on this page: http://www.ilm.com/jobs/it/20050204.html

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