[Baypiggies] stat.ST_BLKSIZE?

Warren DeLano warren at delsci.com
Sun Jan 22 21:00:57 CET 2006

> why should I have to type quotes and square brackets 
> when a dot will do?

What about pickling/unpickling convenience?  Dictionaries don't have
class definition dependencies, and can thus be unpickled (anywhere &
anytime) without reference to external Python modules.

Or is there such a thing as a classless Python object that would combine
the syntactic convenience of attributes with the independent marshalling
of a dictionary? 

(assuming of course that the container holds only builtin types, not
arbitrary objects).


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> > Will this API ever be cleaned up, having only one return value with 
> > all items visible? It's confusing to show a tuple but to 
> also have a 
> > secret object with more stuff in it. To me, the natural choice of 
> > return value is a dictionary containing everything the 
> underlying OS provides.
> We'll clean it up in 3.0. Until then, we can't, for backwards 
> compatibility reasons that should be obvious.
> As far as the "ideal" API, I much prefer attributes over a 
> dict -- why should I have to type quotes and square brackets 
> when a dot will do?
> There's always the introspection API (e.g. dir()) if for some 
> obscure reason you need the list of all supported names.
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