[Baypiggies] [baypiggies] Python Source Browser

John J. Dooley jxd6 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 30 08:22:05 CET 2006

What do python programmers use to browse source code? I found a project I 
was interested in (paramiko) and wanted to get a quick overview of the 
modules, classes, dependcies and trace from method to method.

The python.org wiki had lists of development IDE and editors ( I had ignored 
the wiki upto this point - big mistake) and that gave me a list programs to 
start with. If it was available on my unbuntu 5.10 system, I gave it a try. 
Here is my quick impression:

   source navigator- quirky UI. Could not figure out how to get it to list 
classes and mehods in classes.I used this for C++ in the past and got it to 
work. I supposedly had a libray for python but perhps it was limited in 
function. Does anyone use this?

  bicycle repair - seems to want gvim with python scripting, or emacs, or 
IDLE. I use straight vim and didn't want to have to upgrade VIM to try it 
out or learn the others. Anyone think its worth the trouble?

  PyPe - I must of hit some wrong buttons becuase it would disappear before 
I could see what it could do.

Pida - I was confused by the installation requirements and quickly skipped 
over it.

drpython - could open a directory of python modules and bring up the 
class/methods. Source attractively highted. Seems to do all the basic stuff, 
well. Kind of simple and stark.

SPE(Stani'sPython Editor) -  quicker than DrPython, attractive source 
formating, UML display, easy class navigation.

I removed all of the above but SPE and DrPython. SPE seems the most 

In short, I Just needs a source browser that allows me to make a quick 
analysis of other people's python source code packages - look at the source, 
see the class structure in navigate to module, class quickly. For my own 
development, I use VIM.

SPE looks pretty reasonable. Is there any other worth looking at? Should I 
take a further look at the ones I rejected?

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