[Baypiggies] [baypiggies]IDE Usage

John J. Dooley jxd6 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 30 21:49:50 CET 2006

While checking out some of the source browsers I came across this 
interesting comparison of Python IDEs:


It occured to me that talk of tools may be considered off topic for 
baypiggies. Everyone has been won over by the langauage and the relevant 
topics are perhaps how should Python be "feature" tuned and what are the 
latest and greatest libraries.

On the other hand, some may consider tools be a personal decision(and 
bringing them up causes flames and other irritations). Perhaps, the choice 
of tools for Python is no different than for Perl, TCL, fortran...

However, for some the language is tied to the tools, like Visual C++, 
Borland C++, Eclipse Java, ..... Lack of similar, stable tools may seem (to 
these spoiled and weak souls) like lack of maturity for the language.

Is this an important issue for Python and baypiggies? Is there (or needs to 
be) a Python Tool users group?

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