[Baypiggies] IDE Usage

Alex Martelli aleax at google.com
Tue Jan 31 19:13:00 CET 2006

On 1/30/06, John J. Dooley <jxd6 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I assume its the$179 version and not the $35 version wing that gets the
> raves. Code browsing, and code collapse come with the professional version
> and not the personal version, if I read right.
> Is it the professional wing that gets the high marks and the personal wing
> one too dumbed down?

Never tried the cheap version, sorry -- nor the editing aspects of the
pro one either, just its powerful debugging facilities (for editing, I
still prefer gvim + exhuberant ctags; for debugging, once in a while,
one may get into a situation where tried and true "insert print here"
fails to reveal the truth...;-).

> Perhaps, baypiggies could sell wingware on getting a discount for their
> members who could return the favor by giving reviews - kind of like
> o'reilly's books? Maybe someone could button hole wingware at PyCon?
> Even if most went back to their old tools, they might still spread a kind
> word after taking it for a test drive. Who better to make a recommendation
> to a new Python user than a baypiggies member?

Quite a reasonable idea.  I' not going to Pycon (sigh) but Deibel
(head of Wing) no doubt is, and he's very open to suggestions and new
ideas.  One issue I see is, how does one prove "baypyggies membership"
for the purpose of getting the discount?  It's not as if we have a
membership roster or cards or anything.  And of course other local
Python SIGs might take it amiss if _their_ members didn't get similar
discounts.  Maybe we need a national "umbrella organization" for all
kind of Python interest groups &c, which for some nominal fee (to
cover postage &c) would issue a membership card entitling members to
whatever discounts vendor-sponsors (such as Wing) may negotiate (if
so, I'm definitely not the right person to try and organize one, but
my wife Anna, who IS going to Pycon, and has a knack for grassroot
organizations, might be more suitable...).


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