[Baypiggies] Last nights presentations

Carl J. Van Arsdall cvanarsdall at mvista.com
Fri Jul 14 23:30:08 CEST 2006

Keith Dart wrote:
> Carl J. Van Arsdall wrote the following on 2006-07-14 at 10:31 PDT:
> ===
>> I unfortunately had to miss last nights presentations but I was still 
>> very much interested in the content.  Is there any chance that any 
>> information will be posted from last night? 
> ===
> I put my rather simple presentation up on my web site:
> http://www.dartworks.biz/vim_ide/
> However, most of it was a demonstration which is what you really need
> to see. As others have noted, some videos (eek) of the presentations
> will be on a Google site soon.
The fact that it will be on video is awesome.  Great idea and I hope 
that video is something that will happen at all future BayPiggies 
events.  Even better is that the video will allow me to more effectively 
relay information to my coworkers, so thanks very much to all that 
participated in setting that up.




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