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John Ivie designmill at comcast.net
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Although I had to miss last night's meeting (working on an upcoming product
release deadline), I just wanted to mention that we are using the Wing IDE
integrated with our Python product at CiraNova. For what it is worth, it
seems to work well...

And of course, "hooks" have been provided in the product to allow it to work
with other available Python IDEs, besides Wing.

John Ivie

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Wing's license is <http://wingware.com/wingide/license>.  I'm an open
source zealot, but Wing is not open source.  However, they do give you
access to the source.  You can modify it and even distribute patches.
It reminds me of ATT UNIX.  I know Stallman would be disappointed with
me, but I'm thinking of trying it out.

I guess now is the time for some other free software fanatic to jump
in and rescue me from the evil clutches of proprietary software ;)

Best Regards,
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