[Baypiggies] Fw: Re: Next demo night

Krishna Srinivasan krishna2 at krishna2.com
Fri Jul 21 23:12:04 CEST 2006

Dennis spoke :
>> So far, speakers generally seem to prefer Google.  I saw the video of the
>> meeting last night.  If we can have video at all our Google meetings, we
>> may want to rebalance our schedule to have more/all meetings at
>> Google.  Video broadcasts are definitely a way to serve the  entire bay
>> area as well as the Python community world-wide.
>> Unless we re-balance, the earliest Google meeting for IDE is in Jan.

JJ  spoke :
> I just wish we all lived as close to Google as you do, Dennis ;)

Maybe it is time to rethink this.

Long back when Danny was about to leave Stanford,
I volunteered on behalf of IronPort for hosting
Baypiggies there. Then Wesley and JJ joined in
(and also helped convince the official powers
at IronPort). At the same time, Alex who had joined
Google pitched in for co-hosting.

A year back, I quit IronPort. Wesley left
IronPort by November. So now, it is just JJ at
IronPort who is managing everything.

So JJ, maybe it is time, you reconsider the
whole thing.

Just my 2c,


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