[Baypiggies] Fw: Re: Next demo night

Donna M. Snow donnamsnow at gmail.com
Sat Jul 22 00:05:08 CEST 2006

Alex said>>
Personally, I remember the survey results as indicating a plurality
preferring the Google location, but far from unanimously; in
consequence, if the poll you suggest was setup, I would vote "no" --
it would seem unfair to the minority who DO prefer Ironport.  Maybe we
could rather vary the ratios, say 8/4 meetings at Google vs Ironport,
rather than 6 each, during each year...?>>

+1 on that idea.. I don't think it's fair to completely eliminate Ironport.

I think with the new Plone site (which allows membership and we'll be able to build more of a community around the site itself AND the awesome videos that are being produced at the meetings) that we can still reach those that are farther away.

I also think that we should offer those who do live closer to Ironport a few times a year to participate in Dennis's Mapping and Random Access.. so an 8/4 solution seems like a good way to do that.. jmho

Donna M. Snow

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