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Leslie Hawthorn lhawthorn at google.com
Sat Jul 22 05:27:21 CEST 2006

Hi folks,

On 7/21/06, Dennis Reinhardt <DennisR at dair.com> wrote:
> At 02:18 PM 7/21/2006, Shannon -jj Behrens wrote:
> >Can we setup a poll that simply
> >asks, "Should we drop IronPort and host all meetings at Google?  Yes
> >or No"?
> We need to establish that Google indeed wants to host us 12X or at least
> more than 6X/year.  Is there a room large enough for us on 2nd Thursday?

I will check into this.

A critical new element here is the initiation of video for our
> meetings.  Video recording makes living near/far much less
> relevant.  Video
> allows us to serve a larger community.  We have an opportunity here but
> not
> enough info to decide.  Will Google continue video recording future
> meetings?  Hosting us is not entirely cost free for them and IMO, they
> have
> a lot to contribute to the discussion.

This is planned for all meetings currently scheduled at Google and I'm sure
I can make arrangements for taping at any other sessions scheduled at our

The last poll was flawed in many ways.  It weighted equally people who have
> not shown up for any recent meetings with people who do.  The survey was
> not cognoscent of where we actually meet.  We have the results of "votes"
> from people who do show up: attendance at Google is approximately 2:1 over
> Ironport.

I will look into confirming room availability and all the other due
diligence required on Monday.  I will ping the list to let you know the
outcome.  While I wouldn't want to take anyone away from a different,
preferred location, Google is always happy to host you.


Leslie Hawthorn
Open Source Program Coordinator
Google Inc.
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