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John Dooley jdooley at savi.com
Mon Jul 24 22:57:45 CEST 2006

I remember attending classes at a remote location with a push to speak
microphone. With all these great Python programmers available is there
any way that we could hack Iron Port as a remote meeting site to the
main presentation site at Google.

Of course, the poor man's version is to have the video recorded
presentations available to the meeting at IronPort's separately
scheduled meeting (and vice versa). But it is no clear how that is any
better than just pulling the video down yourself.

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At 12:37 PM 7/24/2006, Mike Cheponis wrote:
>I _definitely_ vote for a regular monthly Google meeting _and_ a
>monthly Ironport meeting.
>There is no "rule" that states that we have to have only 12 meetings
per year.

There is an issue here: our ability to put on quality programs at 
IronPort.  Our meeting about 3 weeks from now at IronPort is about 1/2 
booked and there is an inquiry open to fill the rest of the program.

In contrast to our IronPort program, our Google program is booked
the end of 2006 and we have an IDE proposal at the halfway point
for Jan. 2007.  I see speakers expressing a preference for Google and 
refusing to speak at IronPort.

If we move to 12 meetings at IronPort and 12 at Google, I suspect 
considerable divergence in the character of the meetings.  I am
we can support a full speaker calendar at Google.  IronPort meetings
then be more "event" oriented and "spontaneous" (this is the kind

Speaking personally, I have rather low interest in planning or attending

the kinds of "spontaneous" events we have had in the past.  I regard
as "filler" (the less kind but still polite version).  This is not a 
location issue.  It is a program preference issue.  I would feel the
way if the locations were reversed and indeed dropped out of attending
close-at-home Stanford meetings unless there was an interesting speaker

I am interested and willing to coordinate and plan monthly programs that

are primarily speaker-driven.  In a 12-12 expansion, we would need a 
volunteer to step forward to coordinate (what I am guessing are largely 
non-speaker meetings at) IronPort.

Doubling the number of meetings might increase the load on our webmaster

and we should hear from her about mitigating this impact.

If we go to a 12-12 split, one of the venues needs to change meeting 
night.  Perhaps the best plan is one site move to 4th Thursday.  That
there is a BayPiggies meeting every two weeks somewhere.  Room
at both hosts would loom large in implementing this choice.

Regards, Dennis

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