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Carl J. Van Arsdall cvanarsdall at mvista.com
Wed Jul 26 22:07:31 CEST 2006

Dennis Reinhardt wrote:
> At 12:04 PM 7/26/2006, steve hindle wrote:
>> Personally, I can see no reason to cancel the Ironport meetings
> Lack of planning volunteers, for one.  Without speakers, we end up with 
> unfocused meetings.  I am not interested in organizing "let's see who shows 
> up and shoot from the hip once people arrive" meetings (or attending, for 
> that matter).
Well, I will volunteer for both planning and presenting (although it 
might be a while before I have a project that i'm willing to subject to 
the scrutiny of the python elite).  I really like these meetings  and 
would hate for those that truely don't own vehicles and can't make it to 
google to miss them (granted I've only been to one and watched another 
on video, I think they are important).

> I am fine continuing to coordinate speakers at both locations.  But the 
> honest truth is that Google is flat out a more attractive venue to the 
> speakers.  I would rather concentrate on Google.  There is an opening for 
> an IronPort planning coordinator.
>> I figure if there's not enough interest (in
>> any meeting location) - it will fade out on it's own.  No need to
>> 'uproot' the people that do attend those meetings...
> The speakers have already "faded out" IronPort.  Most speaker prefer and 
> will only speak at Google.  Most volunteers are already much closer to 
> Google.
> What I am hearing so far is no one objects to increasing Google 
> meetings.  Any disagreement is in cutting back on IronPort meetings.  Fair 
> summary?
Getting to San Bruno in traffic (coming from the south) is more of an 
issue than the fact that its 20 miles away. That's the reason I'd like 
to see more google meetings

> To hold 12-12 or 6-12 meetings (IronPort-Google), we need to decide if they 
> are both on the same 2nd Thursday night or one of them moves to some other 
> night.  The easiest (not best) move is simply have both sites meet on 2nd 
> Thur. I think it easiest to move the IronPort meetings.  Deciding whether 
> and where to move IronPort meeting night can be the first task of the 
> mythical IronPort meeting coordinator.
> Regards, Dennis
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