[Baypiggies] 2006 Meeting Schedule

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Wed Jul 26 22:34:22 CEST 2006

At 01:07 PM 7/26/2006, Carl J. Van Arsdall wrote:
>Well, I will volunteer for both planning and presenting

Excellent.  Let's wait a day or two to finalize.  However, my experience 
here is that once someone says "I do", generally everyone else "forever 
holds their peace..." <grin>

I see that MonteVista has an office in Santa Clara.  I think one of the 
duties of a meeting coordinator is to attend most/all meetings.  Will you 
be at most/all the IronPort meetings?

I am working on the August 10 IronPort meeting now.  I am happy to share 
planning for this meeting to whatever extent (or non-extent) leads to a 
smooth transition.

>Getting to San Bruno in traffic (coming from the south) is more of an
>issue than the fact that its 20 miles away. That's the reason I'd like
>to see more google meetings

I take this to mean that you would not favor holding the IronPort and 
Google meetings on the same night, given the expectation you show up for 
IronPort meetings you plan.  Let's let the volunteer situation settle out 
and then move on to meeting schedules.

My inclination is to have the Google meetings on 2nd Thur every month 
starting with the September 2006 meeting.  Let's get the IronPort meetings 
settled and we can finalize.

Thanks for stepping forward, Dennis
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